Border Life: We were on TV!!

We were thrilled to see the film made about us on Border Life this week. If you missed the transmission you can catch it again on this link by clicking here BorderLife . You’ll see the beautiful part of the world that we live in and hear is talking about how important it is to us and how it plays a part in the creation of Shalla’s beautiful illustrations. We were delighted to be asked to take part in the programme and the team of Sandy and Paul helped to put us at our ease and make it a really fun day of filming, hopefully that comes across. Of course a lot of editing went on which is just as well as although Shalla was a natural in front of the camera, Paul had to do a lot of retakes because Jayne kept goofing about pretending she was making a new detective crime drama and forgetting she was miked up!  Our new book Big Bill and the Larking Lambs  – news on that very soon – also features the amazing landscape of Galloway, though on a dreich day which of course hardly ever happens! The programme helped us to showcase some of the specific places that inspire Shalla’s fabulous watercolour paintings that appear in each of our titles. From the Galloway hills to the spectacular coastline the landscape of south west Scotland deserves to be celebrated which is probably why so many artists and writers are now choosing to make the area their home.

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