Nip Nebs – a Magical winter tale in Scots by Susi Briggs and Ruthie Redden


Nip Nebs is a tale of Jack Frost sprinkling his magic across the landscape on a winter day. Nib Nebs is the Scots word for the mythical character who creates the white winter wonderland of ice and snow. This beautiful book by storyteller Susi Briggs and artist Ruthie Redden is written in Scots with a translation into English. It makes a perfect introduction to the Scots language for wee ones but is also a lovely read for anyone who loves words.


New book from Curly Tale Books

Ootby in the shaddies of the pale moonlicht….. so begins a glittering tale in Scots of the magic of Jack Frost as he weaves his way across a winter landscape was the moon shines bright. Written by storyteller Susi Briggs with beautiful illustrations from artist Ruthie Redden, this story celebrates the lyricism of the Scots language but also features a translation into English making the story accessible to Scots and non Scots speakers. The book has been endorsed by the Robert Burns World Federation for its promotion of the Scots language for children.