Mustard and Pepper


Will Mustard and Pepper the Dandie Dinmont terriers ever get their turn trying to find a missing necklace? Find out in this charming picture book featuring the children and dogs of Sir Walter Scott, set at the family home of Abbotsford in the Scottish Borders.


Mustard and Pepper


When Sir Walter Scott’s youngest daughter loses her necklace while playing hide and seek with her brothers and sister, the two Dandie Dinmont terriers, Mustard and Pepper, believe they know what happened to it – but will anyone listen? Mustard and Pepper wait impatiently as each of Anne’s siblings go off to look around the gardens of their Abbotsford home with their dogs. Will it ever be their turn?  Will they find Anne’s missing necklace?

This charming tale has been told by Alasdair Hutton, known as the Voice of the Edinburgh Tattoo, who has a long connection with Abbotsford and is an enthusiast of Sir Walter Scott. His story has been given beautiful original watercolour illustrations by artist William Gorman, a specialist in dog portraits.



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