New Illustration for Charlotte’s Woolly Yarn

New illustration for Charlotte’s Woolly Yarn

Earlier this year we were (to be honest) surprised to discover that we had almost run out of copies of Charlotte’s Woolly Yarn, one of our first books written and illustrated by Shalla Gray.

We know it’s one of our most popular titles but even so we were somewhat taken aback that we’d sold the entire 2000 print run! We wanted to get it back into print as quickly as possible as we know many visitors to Dumfries and Galloway like to taken it home as a souvenir or send it to friends and relatives originally from the region.

We’ve often been told that people also like to visit and tick off the places featured in the book – they are all pretty accessible apart from the Grey Man of Merrick. But we also included an illustration of the Henry Moore sculptures that used to be set in the beautiful countryside of Glenkiln near Dumfries. Most of these sculptures were removed into storage after one was sadly stolen so we didn’t want people going on a wild woolly Charlotte chase looking for something that was no longer there.

We agreed that Shalla would need to create a new illustration for the reprint and then we had to decide on what it would be, which was not an easy decision as there are so many amazing places to choose from in the region. We were very drawn to the Crawick Multiverse at Sanquhar but in the end chose the Hugh MacDiarmid memorial at Langholm. Shalla also wanted the new illustration to feature the night sky over Dumfries and Galloway as the Forest Park was the first to be given Dark Sky status in the UK and the second in Europe.

We hope our readers will enjoy the new illustration as much as we have and lead them to discover the east of the region.

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