Mustard & Pepper Available Now!

Alasdair Hutton Reads from Mustard & Pepper
Mustard and Pepper

We are delighted to announce that our long awaited new book – Mustard & Pepper is now available to buy on our online shop.

We are particularly proud to be the publisher of this new title that features the lovely work of artist William Gorman. Although William trained as an illustrator and printmaker this is the first time he has illustrated a children’s book.

The book features several dogs that belonged to the family of Sir Walter Scott including a Red Setter, a Deerhound cross (Sir Walter’s favourite dog) a greyhound and two Dandie Dinmont Terriers.

When the manuscript landed on our desks we knew immediately who we wanted to work with on the illustrations as we have had stocked his work in our Wigtown shop since we first opened. William has made quite a name for himself as an artist specialising in pet portraits and humorous countryside scenes, but paying particular attention to capturing the character of the animals he draws.

We are really thrilled with the results and feel his style perfectly compliments this tradtional story of the children of Sir Walter Scott playing hide and seek in the gardens of Abbotsford in the Scottish Borders.

The 32 page full colour picture book is now available at our online shop price £7.99.

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