Mustard and Pepper

Well done lads says Walter.

We’re on the home straight now with our next book Mustard and Pepper. We’re very excited about it as the illustrations by William Gorman are really wonderful and fit brilliantly with the charming story by Alasdair Hutton. The book is set in the Regency period and features the children and dogs of Sir Walter Scott as they play hide and seek in the grounds of Abbotsford House near Melrose in the Scottish Borders. Here are a selection of some of the lovely watercolours that William has created. He was asked to do the illustrations because of his skill drawing dogs and, we’re sure you’ll agree, he really has captured the characters of the breeds involved in the story – pictured here are the stars Mustard and Pepper who are Dandie Dinmont terriers. The book also features a greyhound, red setter and a deerhound cross, Maida who was Sir Walter Scott’s favourite.

Mustard and Pepper follow the red squirrel – does he know something?
Mustard and Pepper follow the squirrel who seems to know where the necklace is!

The book is available to pre-order in our shop on this website and we hope to have stock available by mid July. Books will be sent out as soon as possible.

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