Hi, my name is Laura and I am currently undertaking a publishing internship with Curly Tale publishing house! 

Whilst completing my placement I have found that children’s publishing is something that really excites me and I feel very passionate about. Although during some conversations with Shalla I felt silly in saying, ‘well what if the dinosaur did this…’ it made me realise how important these stories are, and how in some cases these submissions can be the beginning of the stories that inspire kids to a lifelong love of books. 

This is especially important to me as I think once you find the one book that reaches you, it makes the world of difference. It is especially poignant to be working on Curly Tale’s upcoming middle grade title, ‘Princess Dangerous’ as the message behind it is so important to young girls and boys today. She is a brilliant, strong, female role model, and her bravery and independence and the bond she has with her family all show that she is someone that kids can look up to. 

As part of my internship I am working on the marketing plan for ‘Princess Dangerous.’ This has involved coming up with a timeline of potential events to market the book, social media content suggestions and researching marketing campaigns, and watching hours of book trailers on youtube (not bad for a wednesday afternoon.) Additionally, I am also assisting Shalla with the submissions process; reading through manuscripts and feeding back my thoughts. It’s been such a fun experience so far and I am really loving reading people’s writing and looking at their incredible illustrations, the latter in particular makes me envious as I do not have an inch of drawing ability in my body. 

Children’s publishing is such an innovative industry and the books that are getting published are the ones which are going to influence the next generation of readers and I for one am excited for the ones that get to grow up loving Princess Dangerous! 

I am really looking forward to learning more in the rest of my placement here, and embracing the silliness. After all, we’re all just grown up kids really aren’t we? 

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