In the News!

We’re very excited to see such great coverage of our new book in the Scottish media! Susi and Ruthie’s new book has been featured in newspapers and magazines across Dumfries and Galloway. In fact they were front page news in the Galloway Gazette!

The publication of the book Nip Nebs and the Last Berry was supported by a Scots Publication Grant from the Scottish Government through the Scottish Book Trust. Susi’s story is great to read aloud to young children and even if you’re new to the Scots language, Ruthie’s lovely illustrations also tell the story of how Nip Nebs tries to sort out a problem between three arguing birds.

Nip Nebs is trying to take a nap with his friend Wee Moosie, when the noise of the birds at the top of their tree, wakes them up. He discovers they are arguing over the last juicy berry but when he tries to help them he finds that he helps himself instead!

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