Finette the Red Setter

Finette the beautiful Red Setter takes centre stage in this illustration from our forthcoming book Mustard and Pepper. The story features the children and dogs of Sir Walter Scott and here Sophia, the eldest daughter is taking her turn to look for her little sister’s lost necklace.

The artist William Gorman trained as an illustrator and printmaker in Dundee but this is the first time he has illustrated a children’s picture book. We were familiar with his work as a pet portrait artist which is why, when we read Alasdair Hutton’s manuscript, we decided to ask him to bring his skills with watercolours to the images for this book. It has been a long process, William is an artist who extensively researches his compositions to get perspective and detail right. We have been delighted with the results – though it has meant putting back our launch date. We feel it will be worth the wait and hope you will too. The book is available in our online shop to pre-order and we are hoping to have stock by the middle of July.

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