Shalla and Jayne love reading their stories and they have lots of great fun activities to go with their books.

The Quite Big Rock

  • Help find friends for the rock: fun with searching and stickers. 
  • Make your own pet rock.
  • Colouring sheets from the book.
  • Rock bun recipe sheet.

Charlotte’s Woolly Yarn

  • Interactive songs.
  • Creating a fluffy charlotte using cotton wool and a sticky picture.
  • Colouring sheets from the book.

 Big Bill the Beltie Bull

  • Colouring sheets from the book
  • Stick the tail on the Beltie
  • Puzzles, crosswords.
  • Make your own show picture with animal stickers

 Big Bill’s Beltie Bairns

  • Colouring sheets from the book
  • Make your own farmyard picture with animal stickers.
  • Puzzles

The Galloway Chilli

  • Colouring sheets from the book
  • Grow your own chilli, includes pot, compost, chilli seed and instructions
  • Decorate a terracotta plant pot for your own chilli plant.
  • Discussion about use of chillies in international cooking.

Maxwell’s Mega Mission

  • Quiz and fact sheets about mice
  • Puzzles
  • Conker game

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