Environmental Policy


Curly Tale Books is a small independent publishing company based in South-West Scotland.  We are committed to environmental sustainability by supporting the protection of the Earth’s natural resources.  We foster policies that support global preservation of endangered forests and the use of recycled materials.

Environmental Impacts

As a publisher:

 – Our greatest impact on the environment is our use of paper.  As of 2019, we only use 100% recycled paper in our books.  We try to minimise waste by producing small print runs and we try to choose trim sizes that reduce waste paper.

-The distribution of our books also has environmental impact.  We post books where possible, but we are in a rural area which by necessity results in car travel to get our books to stockists.  We try to combine journeys and use public transport where possible, but this is an area we need to work on.

– The printing of our books. We print exclusively within the UK, reducing environmental impact greatly and supporting local businesses.

Legal Obligations

We have a commitment to comply with legal requirements concerning the environment and will be continually trying to reduce our impact on the environment.


Shalla Gray (director)