The (Quite) Big Rock

Follow the journey of a (quite) big rock, who wants to be ‘huge and very big’. On the way he learns the truth behind the saying “Be careful what you wish for”.

The first children’s story written by comic book legend Alan Grant and illustrated by his daughter Shalla Gray.

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  1. […] The Quite Big Rock, the journey of a rock who wants to be huge and very big but finds a different answer to his problem, proved to be popular and the sales were then ploughed back into the business to fund the publication of Shalla’s story, Big Bill the Beltie Bull. He proved to be such a great character that it seemed sensible to link Jayne’s next book to Big Bill and continue the series so Big Bill’s Beltie Bairns were born. The new book, which follows the first adventure into the fields for Beltie twins Bertie and Buntie, is due for release during the Whisky, Words and Wisdom spring festival in Wigtown. […]

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