Are you ready to meet the Strange Visitor?

The Strange Visitor

We are very excited to announce the arrival of the Strange Visitor! Based on an old Scots tale this new version has been retold by storyteller Renita Boyle with amazing art work by illustrator Mike Abel.

This is the second time this author and artist team have worked together, the first time crowd funding their book Honk Honk Rattle Rattle. But this time Curly Tale directors Jayne Baldwin and Shalla Gray saw some of Mike’s ideas for a story that has been part of Renita’s storytelling repertoire for some years. The dark, spooky story perfectly suited Mike’s preferred illustrations style so they commissioned the book and are thrilled with the very bold and different result.

Author Renita Boyle

Mike has cleverly woven some of the words Renita uses in her oral version of the tale into the images making it perfect for children to explore the narrative within the illustrations.

The story has lots of humour in it that will appeal to both children and adults, and the story has some scary elements and a fantastic twist at the end! It follows the events of a stormy evening when an unexpected visitor arrives at the home of an old woman who lives with her cat. But the creature arrives bit by bit and the old woman isn’t sure what is coming in and why they want to visit!

“What we love about this story is that the woman is no pushover and, together with her cat, they prove to be more than a match for the strange visitor who decides to disturb her quiet evening,” said Curly Tale co director Jayne Baldwin, “And just wait for the ending!”

Illustrator Mike Abel

The book is available in A4 format to order now in our website shop or from independent and internet booksellers price £9.99. Suitable for primary school children – not the under fives.

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