Anne & Steve Brusatte

Anne Brusatte was born in Bristol, England, lived in New York City for several years but now calls Edinburgh home. She taught primary school for over ten years in two countries and is very used to children knowing far more about dinosaurs than she ever will. Dugie the Dinosaur is her first book. 

Steve Brusatte is a paleontologist who hunts and writes about dinosaurs. He is on the faculty of the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, but grew up in the Midwestern USA. Steve has traveled around the world digging up dinosaurs and, working with many international colleagues, has named more than 15 new species, including the tyrannosaur ‘Pinocchio rex’ (Qianzhousaurus) and the raptor Zhenyuanlong. He has written several books for kids and adults, most notably the adult pop science book The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs (2018), which was a New York Times bestseller in the USA, Sunday Times bestseller in the UK, and Globe & Mail bestseller in Canada. His work is covered often by the popular press and he has appeared on several television shows, such as the National Geographic extravaganza T. rex Autopsy, where he was part of the team that dissected a scientifically accurate life-sized model of a T. rex.

Anne and Steve have co-written one book with Curly Tale Books:

Dugie the Dinosaur: Scotland’s Sauropod